How – Investment process



01. Report

Analysis of an initial report developed by Biocrew, which will be presented to the Investors Club for study and approval.

02. Selection

After analyzing the reports, the Investors Club will make a decision on the investments, the amount and other details of the operations.

03. Capital Call

Capital request to investors according to the investment prospectus authorized by the Club itself.

04. Control

Development of reports on capital injection control and continuous monitoring of investment and projection..

Investment vehicle


The goal is to design a new vehicle that develops management, governance and administration of investment processes, and where participants commit capital, advise and coordinate to decide where to invest together.

Investment decisions will be made in an investment committee bound by the will of the majority, running away from the conventional format of traditional investment funds, where managers make investment decisions.


  • Analysis of business projects, carried out by a multidisciplinary team of economists, lawyers, and health professionals.
  • Coordination and advice in Investors Club decision-making.
  • Management of additional lines of credit / co-investment.
  • Monitoring and supervision of analyzed and executed investment projects.

Investment Strategy

Type of investment

Investment in projects and SMEs operating in the biotechnology sector with growth potential and a team of qualified and committed managers.

Initial investment range


Capital included

Commitment assumed by the Investors Club to invest certain amounts of money in the chosen projects during a certain period of time.


The goal is to reach an agreement with the regional SRP so that the projects presented and participated by the private investors of the Biocrew Investors Club may obtain financing to match the private investment at most for the amount disbursed by the Investors Club.

Main advantages for the Entrepreneur


Direct contact with investors, health professionals and experts in the biotechnology sector.


Contribution of the 3Cs (Capital, Knowledge and Contacts).


The Investors Club is an ideal accompanying partner: it solves the learning curves of the companies in which it participates by supporting and providing value, either as a financing or as an investment or control mechanism.

Main advantages for the Investor


Analysis and evaluation by a team of professionals in different areas that initially validate and filter the different projects.


Coordination of investors who are deciding how much, how and in what to invest. (Democratization of investment).


Access to public investment, by belonging to the Investors Club.


Technical, financial and legal advice by the managers of the Investors Club.


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